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Kenya horticultural exporters ltd (KHEX) have already set some terms and conditions for their major C.H.I.D. Ghana Sponsors and Club

Henceforth, from this date and until further notice, CHI(D) AS OF 2017 will only be holding it’s Sponsor and Club Awards on 12th December 2017.

The nature of the whole CHI(D) football experience over the years has generated ripples of confusion and as such the founder- shareholders have decided that this year is the time to formalise and clarify the whole CHI(D) P.U.B. Experience. This is by no way a minor move by any stretch of the imagination, rather it is in a bid to strengthen and support its Board as it moves into the next phase of its development. The Board feels this is a necessary move due to the organisational structures put in place in previous years, especially to the participants as that which was promised, remained promise. It is time for the CHI(D) process to become disciplined and organised for the greater good of the participants and thus the stakeholders.

To ensure that the CHI(D) process becomes structured and planned, we have come up with a few simple rules that we hope will protect everyone’s rights, support the process of change management, not take any time from the programme’s implementation and place it at the heart of its design.

1) Equal Opportunity

One of the reasons for the excitement for CHI(D) Ghana 2017 in the first place is that, for the first time ever, it will be open to all local candidates regardless of their geographical location. All that will be required is that the candidates have the courage to fly their own flag.

2) Diversity

For the most part, it is hoped that the CHI(D) committee will enhance the experience for participants by building a diverse board that will have not only the skills, but the experience necessary to represent all groups at the table. It is paramount that the board holds diversity as its strength and look beyond any traditional criteria. Furthermore, those that would have sought and achieved success in a footballing context should be given preference because, undoubtedly they have proved their talent and abilities. The diversity of the board will work to ensure the process is well prepared for when the next senior executive position comes up.

3) The Difference is Experience

We are not saying that experience is a requirement for all board positions. For example, we would hope that the CHI(D) Ghana 2017 will be proud of the fact that it selected a young and dynamic couple, with no previous footballing experience, and see their future involvement as a real privilege. However, it will be important to ensure that, the more experience they have, the better their representation will be.

4) One will be Equal to another

Given the proposed sponsorship package for CHI(D) 2017, those that are sponsoring will be allowed to nominate one person that they wish to represent them at the meeting of the Sponsorship Committee on 16th September. All nominees will be equally-matched in the meetings, meaning that those sponsoring will be allowed to only nominate one person to the committee. In this way, sponsors will not be outnumbered and the meeting will take its rightful place as a representative forum for the sponsors. Sponsors must also notify the Company of their intention to sponsor the meeting, which should be done in writing no later than the 20th August 2017.

5) Board representatives must be members of CHI(D) Ghana 2017

6) CHI(D) Ghana 2017 Sponsors and Club Representatives will be treated equally at the meeting of the Sponsorship Committee on 16th September 2017. Those selected to represent a sponsor should be introduced by the sponsor and when it is their turn to speak to the committee, their introduction should take place at that moment. No other person should be permitted to speak for a sponsor at that time. Therefore, those selected to represent sponsors should not be there to speak for the sponsor at that time. At the meeting, all CHI(D) Ghana 2017 Sponsors and Club Representatives will be accommodated in one area of the meeting room and will only be allowed to speak when it is their turn. When someone else’s turn comes up, the sponsor should move away from the area, and not be allowed to sit at the table. If they do not leave, the committee should report the behaviour of the sponsor to the Governing Committee, which will act on it and if deemed necessary, will eject that sponsor from the meeting.

7) The Sponsor for Sponsorship Committee should be present at the meeting

8) All CHI(D) participants should have their views and feedback heard and addressed at the meeting

9) All CHI(D) participants should have an equal vote in the meeting

We are not implying that sponsors are not allowed to give presentations or put forward views that will benefit the whole participant community. However, these views should be taken into account, however, they should also be heard and if the sponsor wishes to respond, they should be able to do so, even if it is not the first speaker.

10) All stakeholders should have an equal say on the process

11) CHI(D) Ghana Sponsors and Club representatives will be given an opportunity to raise issues before the process starts. All these concerns should be given some consideration, however, CHI(D) Ghana 2017 should be open to all participants and stakeholders to present their views at the meeting of the Sponsorship Committee on 16th September 2017. However, once a sponsor or Club has entered the process and agreed to sponsor a team in the local or national league, that sponsorship will be taken as a contract and as such, the sponsor has agreed to look after the participants and the committee can only rule on issues relating to that sponsorship.

12) All CHI(D) Board members are to adhere to the Code of Conduct as set out by the Board

13) All CHI(D) Governing Committee members are to adhere to the Governing Committee Rules of Conduct

14) All CHI(D) Board members and

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